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User Manual

1. Attention: turbo testing must occurred after engine cooled, engine could not drive during turbo testing, otherwise will get personal injury.
2. When installing and assembly turbocharger, any foreign body could not fall into turbocharger, engine and exhaust systems.
3. Installing turbocharger must follow enclosed manual, in order to ensure good sealing, must change with new seal parts of turbo oil inlet and oil outlet, turbine air inlet and air outlet.
4. To ensure good lubrication is very important to turbocharger working.
5. Must use regulated grade lubricating oil and filter recommended by engine maker. 
6. For new turbocharger, it is better to input some lubricating oil at oil inlet, then rotating compressor wheel until lubricating oil reach to each bearing surface.
7. Check oil return pipe regular, in order to keep pipe smooth
1) Engine crankshaft box respirator must be smooth, in order to avoid crankshaft box got too high pressure and influenced lubricating oil backflow speed to cause turbocharger oil leak.
2)When installing and using turbocharger, should insure each piping fastened and sealed: piping between filter and compressor, piping between compressor and engine air inlet pipe, piping between turbocharger and engine exhaust pipe, otherwise will cause howl and oil leak.
3) Check filter following manual and clean or change filter cartridge regular, otherwise will cause compressor oil leak.
4) Do not loading driving after engine start, should run idle for 3 or 5 minutes to ensue good lubricating .pay attention to that idle time should not be longer, otherwise cause turbocharger oil leak.
8. Do not turn off engine after vehicle stop, should idle for 3 or 5 minutes to make turbocharger temperature and speed lowing down step by step, in order to avoid back heating, coking or bearing damage problems.
9. Warning: For turbocharger with waste gate, do not take the push bar and related parts as handle, in order to avoid influenced waste gate sensitivity.